Fainting Hair Mask G.Hair

Fainting Hair Mask G.Hair

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Fainting Hair Mask G.Hair Deeply moisturizes the hair fiber, giving back the healthy appearance, repairing damaged and porous areas. Its special formula contains a unique sum of amino acids, vitamins, collagen and keratin, recovers the hair damaged by chemicals. Restores the locks suffering from discoloration and improves elasticity. It has a super light texture that renews hair without making it heavy.

Method of use:
Apply the mask over the clean and wet hair, evenly distributing in the length and ends. Massage and leave in for 10 minutes. Then rinse. Use weekly.

Amino acids: Cystine (helps in the hair growth), Arginine (has great moisturizing properties), Lysine (helps in hair strengthening, growth and regeneration).
Vitamins:  Vitamin E (contains antioxidants that inhibit the hair degradation and aging), Vitamin B (reduces split ends), Vitamin D (protects hair loss during sun exposure).
Collagen: protein that assists in hair nutrition and alignment.
Keratin: Mass replacement, brightness and thermal protection.

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