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+ Que Necessário Shampoo

R$ 64,90

Line indicated for all hair types. Its formula provides much more shine, lightness and flexibility to the strands. Indication: All hair types.

Botânica – Ressecados Sh

R$ 42,70

BOTANY COLORED – GRAPE SEED OIL AND VITAMIN E Colored hair needs special care, which is why G.Hair has developed the Botânica

Kit Cresce Fios Condicionador

R$ 78,90

Enriched with Biotin and Panthenol, the G.Hair Cresce Fios line moisturizes the hair, strengthens the strands, and provides healthy growth and helps

Kit Desmaia Fios Condicionador

R$ 64,90

The Desmaia Fios line provides gentle cleansing without damaging the strands. Its formula contains conditioning agents and a unique sum of amino

Perfect Blond Tratamento Antivolume

R$ 73,90

Developed to reduce frizz and volume in blond hair, natural or not, with streaks or gray hair, as it has a unique

Speed Liss 3×1

R$ 73,90

This product contains active ingredients enriched with oat extract and honey. Promotes effective treatment by eliminating frizz by sealing the cuticle of

Top 10 Shampoo

R$ 64,90

Hair treatment that offers 10 benefits in one single product. Its formula with crambe seed oil provides a complete treatment for your