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The G.Hair curls line is ideal for those who are in the transition period or for those who want to take care of the curls. A line aimed at the intense hydration of the hair, thus leaving hair nourished, salable, with intense brightness. For free, light and loose hairs. Shampoo for curly and wavy hair. Without sulfate. Removes impurities from the hair without drying or compromises the definition of the bunch. Enhances curls and hair curls naturally, with great lightness and balance.
Combing cream for curly and wavy hair. It replenishes the necessary nutrients for well-defined, soft, volume-controlled, frizz-free bunches. It conserves the hydration inside the threads, improves the brightness and the softness for defined curls, luminous and very well hydrated.
Finisher for defined and hydrated curls, without frizz and with the volume in the measure. Ideal for the day after, it provides an incredible shine and protects from the heat actions of the dryer.

Indication: for curly or transition hair.
Results: Nourished, hydrated hair with intense shine and controlled volume.

To guide our clients, we introduce Maria Estilosa.

She will give you tips on how to take care of the curls and make them look beautiful and healthy.

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