Release – Grow Wires

G.Hair's Growing Yarn line has been developed to aid healthy hair growth and help combat hair loss. In addition to giving them much more health, shine, softness and flexibility. The treatment of the line is indicated for all types of hair.

G.Hair's Growing Yarn shampoo is enriched with Biotin and Panthenol. Cleanses and moisturizes hair, strengthening hair, providing healthy growth and helping to combat hair loss. It repairs the hair fiber, controls the oiliness and growth of the wires. It contains no salt.

How to use: Wash by gently massaging the first time to remove any residues that oppose the total formation of the foam. Rinse and re-apply the G. Hair Hair Grow Shampoo by massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Pause for 3 minutes on second application. Rinse thoroughly.

G. Hair's Grow Hair Yarn is suitable for all hair types, replenishes nutrients needed for healthy growth, moisturizes wires without leaving them heavy. Strengthens hair fiber, prevents hair loss. Its formula enriched with BIOTIN and PANTHENOL moisturizes and brightens.
How to use: With clean, damp hair, apply the G.Hair Grows Yarn mask over the length of the wires, massaging for added penetration of the product. Leave on for 10 minutes until completely absorbed. Rinse and finish as desired.

Biotin: B-complex vitamin, a natural active that stimulates growth by acting directly on the hair follicle, in addition to avoiding hair loss.
Panthenol: is a powerful moisturizer, has regenerative power. Strengthens root and wires, protects against external damage and reduces the formation of double ends.

Tip: Interval use is recommended (yes wash - no wash).

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